Monday, April 2, 2012

The Worst Thing To Happen to Star Wars, Ever

I liked the Ewoks in RotJ; I consider the Christmas Special and Droids TV show cannon; I even own a copy of Masters of Teras Kasi, even if it became Teraskasi's Bantha Burger Hutt in our expanded Star Wars d6 game. I own classic VHS and DVD burned copies of the original Laser Disc, pre-fucked with versions of the Holy Trilogy. I did my best to ignore all the prequals stuff because, as one friend with an Anakin obsessed gradeskooler put it, he didn't make the movies for you (which is the fairest argument I ever heard in defense of the prequals). But this, this atrocity may just kill the very last embers of Star Wars fandom buring in my old, jaded heart.

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