Monday, April 16, 2012

April A to Z: The Order of Chaos

Exploring the World of Nood
The Order of Chaos

The Order of Chaos is a shadow organization so secretive that many who are in it aren’t even aware they are in it. Most might work down on the docks and every Firenight they tell that nice friendly man down at the pub how many barrels with the black wax seal get put on the last barge and for that they he buys them a drink. Little do they know that they are telling him in code exactly how many Dark Disciples are travelling up the Flowing Stair, each carrying the heart of a Rended Devil as a sacrifice to the still living shrine of Yob Slobbersloth.

At its highest levels, the Order has been blamed for the atrocities of the Crawling Tower, the dangers of the Flushing Whole, the price of beer and the rise of certain popular troubadours. Nevertheless, officials claim that the Order of Chaos does not actually exists, despite all the complicated handshakes, secret gatherings and black robes that may or may not be hanging in their closet.

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  1. sounds like the kind of organization you dn't want to cross:)
    Happy A-Zing!