Tuesday, April 24, 2012

April A to Z: The Wandering Island of Hyberia

Exploring the World of Nood
Wandering Island Hyberia

The Wandering Island drifts peacefully in the region of the East Emerald Ocean known as the Pointless Sea that exists between the Corsair Island and Kashamash. This region, known for its calm winds and still water is the bane of sail driven vessels. Sailors also claim that compass readings in the sea are unreliable and that even the stars move, drawing ships in and leading them in circles until food and water run out.
The region is known for drifting and wrecked ships; the crews long dead from dehydration and starvation. Many are still heavily laden with treasure if one is willing to brave the vengeful spirits of the dead crews, and occasionally strange creatures that crawl up from the still waters.
A lucky few ships reach Hyberia, a tropical paradise that wanders freely through the Pointless Sea. The native inhabitants are peaceful, welcoming and accommodating. They are eager to trade and have many rare fruits, plants and a potent beverage known as Hyberian Comtational which can fetch ten times its price in Port Eel or the Corsair Ilse.

Despite its reputation as a paradise, the old sailors claim the isle is cursed. They say that once a year when the Moons align just so, the island sinks below the waters where the inhabitants must serve the dark creature that lurks below the Pointless Sea.

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