Saturday, April 21, 2012

April A-Z: The Tarlek Traders

Tand U are not my best efforts, but feeling really foggy today. Exploring the World of Nood
The Tarlek Traders

Moving across the open wilds of Flattened Planes, the Wild Beige and into the Black Expanse, the city of Córdoba is on constantly on the move. Run by the mighty Tarlek Traders, they are always in search of new looking for new goods to sell and new customers. Legend says that the city was once located on the Flattened Planes and was the centre of trade for much of North Albert, but after the rise of Cleopolis and Port Eel, the Tarlek Council decide to become travelling salesmen, uprooting the entire city and placing them on giant, wheeled carts pulled by the six legged beasts known as pedaphants. It is said that a Tarlek will sell anything. Dangerous drugs and slavery are the only exceptions to the rule and this mandate is enforced by the city’s Black Clerks, but not everyone is keen on following rules. The city is run by the Council, a collection of Tarlek clans that must pay for a seat. The head of the clan that contributes most to the Council that year is appointed Domo, a sort of mayor who leads the council. However, all determinations on where the city goes and what it does must be ratified by two-thirds of sitting council. The Tarleks are known for two things, their way around a sale and their eyewatering fashion sense. Each family clan has its own particular patterns and colour scheme and volatile feuds often erupt between clans if one feels that their style has been too closely copied. Indeed the entire city of Córdoba is decked out in a riot of colours and patterns that it can take the eyes a few moments to stop watering if first seen on a sunny day.

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