Sunday, April 22, 2012

April A to Z: Veeg-Seta Nine

Exploring the World of Nood V Veeg-Seta Nine The survey and supply ship moved into the system, paying particular attention to the second planet in the system; habitable with a complex moon system comprised of fifteen and a half lunar bodies. Lifeforms detected on the main planet, the ship drifted into orbit around the largest moon and began its survey mission. Without warning, the ship was suddenly forced to land on the moon, drawn to it by an unknown power. They landed at the gates of a massive palace, seemingly inhabited, but unsupported by any known means of life support… They were met by a servant that invited the ship’s Command Council was invited inside. After long deliberations and negotiations, Command voted to accept the offer and on the third day, they entered the palace. Six standard time units later, only the Quartermaster returned, mortally wounded and pursued by beings or creatures unknown. Once aboard the ship, he claimed that the rest of Command was dead and they had to depart immediately. Unsure of what action to take, the remaining officers attempted to put the matter to standard vote, but were overruled when the Quartermaster initiated the launch sequence, and expired. The Ship took off without anyone left capable of navigation and as soon as it left the moon, it began to spiral into the gravity well of the main planet. Plummeting uncontrolled into the atmosphere, it began to break apart as it fell.
It crashed into a mountain range along the western coast of largest continent, first skipping off the nearby planes and finally partially embedding itself into a cliff-face; an unfortunate turn of events that resulted in the destruction of much of the main engines and the death of much of the Engineering department. Finally, the Ship settled and the fires burned themselves out, leaving a colony of approximately 15,000 mid-level officers and technicians to survive on this strange world where the laws of apparent laws science can be circumvented through the use of inscrutable process known as ‘magic.’ The dominant intelligent species, in a mangled translation of their arrival on the planet call them, ‘Moonies’, but they are the Veeg of Veeg-Seta Nine, the city of the Moons.

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