Thursday, April 5, 2012

April A-Z: The Emerald Oceans

Editors Note: Temp has spiked and I'm going to have to see how high it is when wife gets home. I may end up in hospital again, but I'd like to asssure my literly dozens of readers that I am hell bent on finishing this challenge. It may take a few days but I have copious notes and drafts readyfor the next three entries and they be posted catch-up upon my return (or if I end up back in a ward with interweb access.
F: Feefawfum - The Land of Giants
G: The Gods of Nood
H: House of Hugsonthebiquiffinary

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The Emerald Oceans

There are at least three, possibly four large bodies of water across Nood that bear the name Emerald Ocean. Whether by clerical error, lazy cartographers or forgetful explorers, it has created endless confusion and problems for navigators, explorers and geography students across the globe.

The first, and most recognized ocean that bears the name lies directly off the east coast of Albert. From Backwash Bay, it turns northwards before becoming ice-locked in the Snowy Sea and south to the Golden Ocean that surrounds the frozen continent of Dwizendknards. Eastwards, it ends at the western horn of Zhuul. It is sometimes known as the East Emerald Ocean and is home to the Corsair Island chain, the Wandering Island of Hybra, and the underwater realm of Glub.

The second ocean lies between the two ‘horns’ of Zhuul. Some increasingly desperate cartographers claim that the two oceans are in fact, the same body of water, but no one is buying it. It is sometimes known as the South Emerald Ocean and is home to the Isle of Kashamass, the Clashing Cliffs, sinking land of Sogg and the constant, raging storm known only as the Tempest.

The third lies north of Zhuul and the South Emerald Ocean, and is the endless expanse of water that stretches eastwards on, eventually becomes the uncharted Ocean of Qi. Whether this region is part of the East Emerald Ocean, the South Emerald Ocean, something in between, or even its own distinct body of water has been known to given navigators fits. A recent contest at the Imperial Lyceum in Cleopolis tried to award the body its own name, but ended when some joker stuffed all the ballot boxes with women’s undergarments marked with the name, Gigi. It is sometimes called the North Emerald Ocean, and is known for the packs of sea dragons that hunt in the waters, some used as monstrous steeds for the strange aquatic races that are known to call these waters home.

The fourth is actually a fair sized lake found in the Kingdom of Togga, deep in the Jungles of Soul. Though it would be hardly fair to call the area an ocean, scholars note that it is mentioned in the hieroglyphics carved on the Black Ziggurat of Zayus I and therefore has the strongest historical claim to the name.


  1. It sounds like my kind of place, and a reasonable description of cartographers everywhere.

  2. Neat-o! I hope health comes your way. Good luck with the challenge!

    Dianna Fielding