Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April A-Z: The Temple of Ramallama

I think this finally catches me up!

Exploring the World of Nood
The Temple of Ramallama

Deep in the Snarled Mountains, atop the highest peak on a mountain with no name lies a small temple tended by a handful of monks who never speak. This temple, mostly forgotten by the world around it, is the only known entrance to the Dungeons of Depravity; six hundred and sixty-six levels of dark labyrinth winding its way through the rock of the mountain and said to contain the souls of the six hundred and sixty six most vile, heinous, insane and utterly absurd souls ever to have walked the face of Nood.

When Yob Slobbersloth and his city of Vanderdoom was destroyed, a small force of monks from lands unknown landed in a small boat off the shores of the twisted Nether Regions. They began to hunt down the most affected by the unleashed Absurdity and took them to the unnamed mountain. Though the souls trapped within the mountain are imprisoned there, many have found ways to expand upon their underground realms, brining in treasures, guardians and even followers into their prisons. No one is sure if this is because the Monks numbers have decreased over the years, or if it all part of some mysterious plan.

The Monks allow anyone to enter the Dungeon, provided they survive the climb up the unnamed mountain. Some do so, seeking treasure or vengeance upon one of the souls trapped within. Returning is harder, for it is said that anyone who enters the Dungeon of Depravity and returns alive is destined to become one of the Silent Monks.

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