Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bikini Ghoul

Bikini Ghouls are found on the beaches of underground seas, lunging in suplurous lagoons and swimming in warm, piranha invested rivers.

With their faces concealed and in dim light, their curvacious form may fool an adventurer a long way from the warm embrance of the desired sex. Though they do not speak, the may emmit an Aura of Seduction that requires a great willpower to overcome.

If some unfortunate soul falls under their power, they will drag him or her below the waters and drown them, feasting like sharks upon their still living flesh. They are not warriors however, and will quickly scatter or flee once they have their dinner, or are outnumbered.

Medieval Zombies Waved A Lot

Friday, August 1, 2014

Thermos of Holding

The Thermos of holding was created by an alchemist of the same name, who desired a his potions in one place.

After intense study, he created the thermos. The container will hold up to two two litres of any liquid. Then, once the lid is screwed on and removed, the liquid inside is gone. The liquid can be recalled at will, in its original consistence and temperature.

It is thought that Thermos died when he accidentally recalled a potion of decomposition instead of chicken soup. His creation was then claimed by the Guide of Alchemists, who attempted to replicate the device, to middling success. Numerous copies now exist, though many of them are not as sturdy or reliable as the original.