Sunday, April 1, 2012

April A-Z: Albert, Continent of

Albert, Continent Of

Named for the famed explorer, wizard, scholar and gadabout Zuzznufus Albertus XIII, Founder of Kordoba City, Conqueror of the Merryshire, Circumnavigator of the Unpassable Peaks, Human Ambassador in Exterminus of the Elven Empire and current resident of the Skullspear. Each year on the anniversary of his death, Albertus’s skull still gives a heavily attended lecture at the Magical Academy of Oort. He can also be found for drinks every Thirdsday at the hour of the Housecat at the ‘Twig and Berries Inn’, Silver Dragon Alley, Cleopolis

The largest continent sprawls across the western hemisphere like a pressed elephant. The northern shores disappear into the Sea of Snows while the eastern coast is dominated by Backwash Bay the spills out into the Emerald Oceans. Backwash Bay is also home to the city of Cleopolis, capital of the Elven Empire that rules the eastern half of the continent and south to the Unpassable Peaks.

West of Cleopolis sprawls the largely unexplored Morning Wood, rumoured to he home to Sasquatch, feral humans and the lost tribes of Grayish Elves who split from their Silvered cousins over the issue of indoor plumbing. Beyond the woods it is said are the Really Far Hills and the fabled elven paradise of Sha’nana.

South of the Backwash lies the realms that make up the bulk of the Empire; The Little Kingdoms, the Merryshire, The Nurkslands and the Planes of Ghluten before the borders of the Empire peter out. The last outpost of civilization to the south is the free city of Port Eel, set up as a tax haven by forward thinking elves before the land plunges into the soggy depths of Suck Swamp.

South of that mire lies the Unpassable Peaks and beyond them, the vast ruined land know as the Nether Regions, destroyed along with the Demonlord Yob Slobbersloth a millennia ago and now home only to fearsome monsters, rampaging Ork Hordes and places whose very name can coax nightmare out of the stoutest hearted of heroes; Cliffs of Plogg, The Crawling Tower, Kuddleztowne and the nefarious Castle Sulk, to name but a few…

Squeaked it under the wire, but made my first A-Z post!

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