Thursday, April 26, 2012

April A to Z: The Continent of Zhuul

Well, that’s 26 in 26 days.
Not all got out on the right day but hey, I got cancer … whaddayagonna do? I'm not happy with the quality of some of the later entries, but it was hard not to repeat myself and my attention has drifted off onto some other projects that I will elaborate here as they go.

I did manage to pick up a few followes, which is very cool.
Exploring the World of Nood
The Continent of Zhuul

Lying like a squashed banana between the East Emerald Sea and the Seas of Mead to the south is the jungle cloaked continent of Zhuul.

On the far western horn, lie the Dribbling Deserts, once home to the mighty Byzhanistanium Empire, now a collection of warring city states and bandits that trade you a camel one moment, then steal it back the next. It is said that the ruins of a great civilization lies untouched in the heart of the Dribbling Dessert, unseen by mortal eyes since before the dawn of history, haunted only by the creatures that hunt in the deep desrt, djnns, and the restless mummies that stir in forgotten tetrahedrons tombs.

To the south, the deserts give way to the Savage Savannah, filled with terrible beasts and native tribesmen battling for dwindling resources beneath the burning sun. Where the great Knotted River empties into the South Emerald Ocean sites the city of Gozeria, the largest city on the continent and home to the Spicey Market, the Cockatrice Pits, The Tea Gardens and one of the world’s most famous schools of magic, the Academy of Acbracadabranas.

Even further south, and covering much of the squashed banana’s ‘bend’ lie the Jungles of Soul, filled with dark mysteries and its ever present funky mood. As the continent rises north again the jungles give way to mighty mountains and finally into the lands of Barbaria.

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