Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April A to Z: Yob Slobbersloth

Exploring the World of Nood
Yob Slobbersloth

It came from the cold darkness between the stars, drawn by the bright souls that shone in that long dark, calling him like glitter across a stripper’s bosom to a drunken insurance salesman. It came, carefully at first, reaching into the minds of the fantastical, stupid and cruel, twisting their thoughts and desires until they served no-one but the dark master.

When the time was right, he came in the flesh, taking up residence in the Hazardrome, the grand gaming palace his followers built to his twisted desires at the centre of the once peaceful kingdom of Vanderdoom. As the years went by, Yob Slobbersloth’s influence grew and Vanderdoom became a Mecca for those seeking depravity, sin, games of chance and endless buffet tables.

The city’s influence slowly spread until a band of heroes known as the Wolf’s Army snuck into the city and enacted the Ritual of Begonning, expelling Yob Slobbersloth from the city, but also resulting in its destruction.

But the ritual was incomplete and as such, Yob Slobbersloth was not destroyed. His body was blown apart, but not one cell was killed and pieces of his flesh where scattered across Nood. Some lie hidden or forgotten, spreading their evil influence on the world around them, and anyone who dares live too close. Others have been collected by his followers, who seek to reconstruct their Dark Lord.

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