Friday, April 13, 2012

April A-Z: The Jungles of Soul

The Jungles of Soul

On the continent of Zhuul, between the desert of Al’Kuzamh and the land of Barbaria lies the steaming Jungle of Soul, a dark and dangerous land lost to time. It is an unforgiving region filled with lost tribes, mighty kingdoms, strange and ancient creatures, malicious flora and more monkeys than you can shake out of a barrel. Where death awaits every careless footfall, treasure unimaginable awaits the bold, brave and the lucky, all punctuated by a distant, funky drums.

Little is know about the deep interior of Zhuul, save rumour, tall tales and the ravings of madmen. They speak of the savage Living Stone tribe made up of lost explorers who have succumbed to the primitive beat of the jungles; of Toonga, the Kingdom of the Apemen surrounding the wide green lake known as the Emerald Ocean. Of the half-mile high Cloud Falls and the leaping fish that jump upwards to their spawning grounds. Of the teeny-elephant graveyard where patient treasure hunters armed with tweezers can find enough ivory to fill a small sack. There are endless tales of mad wizards, lost cities of gold, great magic and fearsome beings from beyond the stars. In short, a great place for future supplements and adventuresome Heroes to explore.

What is known about the Jungles is that it was the location of the first civilization to rise after the Exile of the Gods. As the millenniums have past, almost all knowledge, including its name, has been lost and swallowed by the jungle, but the Black Ziggurat of King Zayus I remains, carved with strange hieroglyphs and so far impervious to penetration. An order of scholar-monks has arisen around the Ziggurat calling themselves the Assemblage of Zayus. They have claimed to have deciphered some of the hieroglyphs and have sent a letter to the Lyceum warning of a that a pattern on the topmost tier warns of a rare alignment of the moons that is due in one year's time. The letter sent is incomplete and what it warns of is a mystery. The Lyceum plans to send an expedition to investigate the claims and see what has become of the Assemblage, who have become oddly silent in the past few months.

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