Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April A-Z: The Misplaced Continent of Qung

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The Misplaced Continent of Qung

No one is sure if that is the real name or some gross mispronunciation of the land that exists beyond the great ocean off the eastern shores of Zhuul. Though some have tried, no one who has ever sailed that deep into the sunrise has ever returned, even the great explorer Zuzznufus Albertus XIII was lost, and only his polished skull returned, many years later, swaddled in a roll of silk bound for Kashamash.

It is said that in the time of the Caliphate of Byzhanistanium, mysterious vessels drawn by sea dragons would dock in hidden coves along Zhuul’s cliff and jungle choked eastern shore; trading rare spices, silks, gems for rare jungle woods, slaves and desert gold. These goods would crisscross Zhuul in mighty caravans as they traced well guarded routes to and from the markets of Kashamash, Port Eel and Cleopolis.

With the fall of the Caliphate, many of the old caravan routes faded away as civil war preoccupied the emirs. Trade must still go on however, as silks and rare spices can still be found if one looks hard enough. Exactly who is doing the trading, however, is still a secret of dark Jungles of Zhuul.

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