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April A to Z: The House of Hugsonthebiquiffinary

The House of Hugsonthebiquiffinary

When the Silvery Elves returned from Sha’nana, they were not universally loved. Shortly after the fall of King Pladimir, a small alliance of human lords and elvish nobles was formed with the express purpose of overthrowing the Empress and her followers. The Elven nobles where looking to install their own leader, the Humans lords were promised a small kingdom of their own, independent of the growing empire.

They were led by Baron Hugson, a powerful landowner who had been a in the court of King Pladimir. He was also Grand Poohbah of the Cult of the Wiggly Tentacle, and slowly he indoctrinated the others in the alliance into his terrible sect. For almost two years, they gathered in his great manse and performed terrible, icky deeds to please the Dark Beings and gather enough power to fulfill their goals. The lands around the manse became a realm of nightmare as people where snatched from their homes, strange, unearthly creatures hunted living flesh, the dead opened pizza takeaways and the ground itself became particularly poisonous and nasty.

A rare tome written by one of the minor Elven Nobles involved with the cult seems to indicate that the Lords and Nobles became more obsessed by the Cult than their original goals until they began to prepare for the dreaded “Ganiz’Blig-Jablooy Yob Slobbersloth”; the Ritual of Summoning Yob Slobbersloth.

It is not know how close they came, but witnesses say that one night, the manse became enveloped in an unearthly light and disappeared.

To this day, no one knows what became of the House of Hugsonthebiquiffinary. Even the name is misleading as there is no Biquiffinary, either as river or county, and the elves claim that there is no record of the house or Lord Huggson ever existing. Yet some claim that the manse still exists somewhere, seemingly abandoned, but still filled with the horrors called forth by the misguided rebels, and home with enough gold and treasure to feed an army, ready to be claimed.

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