Monday, April 2, 2012

April A-Z; Barbaria, Land of

Barbaria, Land of
This wild and untamed region occupies much of the north-east ‘horn’ on the continent of Zhuul. Legend tell of a peaceful empire that once flourished there, brought low by hubris, sin and a never-ending war against the forces of Chaos. Now it is a barren land, dominated by icy wastes to the north, barren mountains to the west, burning deserts to the south and a small, but thriving beach community to the east.

Small, fierce and mostly nomadic barbarian tribes war constantly each other for the few remaining resources, including iron, water and the herds Thunder Lizards that are prized as mounts.The land is littered with strange ruins said to contain weird artefacts from a bygone age including metal rods that can shot destructive fire, indestructible armour and small tablets that can always locate the closest coffee bar are just some of the items that have been found in the region, and may explain the greater number of Moonians lurking in the area. The region is also the only known source of ultranium, a rare element coveted by magicians and sorcerers for its transmogrifying powers and may explain the number of hideous mutants that roam through Barbaria.

There is only one city here; Malgragrarzhad, also known as the Bleak Citadel, the City of Chains, the Weeping Yard and the Big Avocado. It is dominated by the Megalord Shahrazar, absolute ruler of the city and High Priest of the Black Hydra Cult. It is a bleak and terrible place, filled with slave pits, bloody gladiatorial arenas and terrible temples dedicated to the darkest gods and other things beyond imagination. Recently, the Megalord has to begun a program to encourage a certain kind of tourism, including more jewel-eyed giant statues, more mad death cults, a small theme park for the kids and a special on two for one rescued princesses.

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  1. Not a place I would want to go but it is imaginative world building.

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