Monday, April 9, 2012

April A-Z Catchup: Feefawfummengar


Realm of the giants on the southernmost continent of Dwizenknard. The land is closed to outsiders and much of what occurs within its borders is based on rumour, legend and the tall tales told by the few heroes who have braved its icy interior, and survived.

The land takes up almost the entire eastern half of the continent and is ringed by the mighty Frosties, the tallest and meanest mountains in all of Nood. The only point of access is Thunderer’s Gate, a mighty fortress on the northern coast where the giants trade with the Elves and privateers from the Corsair Islands. Even then, outsiders are rarely welcomed beyond the Gate, and heroes thinking about sneaking in this way may want to recalculate the logistics of blending in, but not being ten foot tall.

Beyond, legend tells of a true land of giants. Giant animals and creatures roam beneath trees that reach hundreds of feet into the sky. Giant insects fly above flowers that bloom ten feet across and giant wolves stalk giant elk across the frozen tundra while giant raves drift over head, following giant bears… well, you get the idea. The land is dotted with ancient ruins, their origins lost in the misty mists of history. It is also said that some of the ruins are of human scale, while others in their glory would have dwarfed even the mighty Storm Lord.

The Giants themselves keep no cities, only massive fortresses. The largest is the called Hugemungous and it sits on the flank of Zoomoolungen, the highest mountain on Nood, where it is said the Storm Lord can watch everything that occurs in the land below.

Dwizenknards is a land constantly on the brink of war between the Giants of the east, the Dwarves of the south west and the human tribes of the western fjords: The mighty and feared Knardsmen.

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