Sunday, April 15, 2012

April A-Z:The Morning Wood

Exploring the World of Nood

The Morning Wood

The northern west reaches of Albert are covered with thick wilderness known as the Morning Wood. Much of it remains unexplored; the last significant habitation is the village of Mulched Foot about two days journey west of Cleopolis. Beyond that, there are only a few outlaws, adventurers and hermits, but the deep woods are only truly home to the Greyish Elves and Sasquatch. The land itself varies widely from deciduous glens separated by wide meadows to the south, to thick pine forests in the higher latitudes. The trees stretch on for league after league, broken only by rivers, lakes and mountains unseen and unnamed by humans.

The woods are a dangerous place, filled with lost ruins, mad wizards, duplicitous witches and hungry monsters. Trolls, winged moose, savage squirrels, sabertoothed sloths, drop bears, wholly crocodiles and other fearsome creatures can be found in abundance here. Even many of the plants themselves are dangerous; siren trees, purple mushrooms, ambush elms, and dysentery berries all making life difficult for any erstwhile explorers.

Only the elves know what lies beyond the Morning Wood, though according to legend it is the Elvish paradise of Sha’Nana. But as one scholar dared write, if it was paradise, why did they return?

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