Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Super-Questamundo Heroes: The Black Racer

Total time-wasting post, but I have a few photos that I've wanted to use for my Super-Questamundo game and for some reason last night I came up with this... I tried using ICONS (which is my personal current fav ruleset for Superhero Play) but there is no 'artifact or item' power (like Thor's Hammer, Captain America's Shield or even Batman's belt). Image via Retronaut (click pic).

The Black Racer
Base of operations: Northern California, 1910-1918
Riding on his tricked out motorcycle “Thunderbolt”, the Black Racer was one of the first true heroes of the twentieth century. Known for his appearances at race-tracks, fairgrounds and trick riding as much as his crime-fighting, he is still famous for chasing down smugglers and other criminals on the expanding highways across the western USA. Though the Black Racer himself did not possess any known powers, his motorcycle was known to have a rocket-booster, a silent mode and numerous non-lethal defense mechanisms such as an oil-spreader and smoke screen.

The Black Racer is known to have travelled to Europe in WWI, though exactly in what capacity is unknown. He is thought to have died somewhere near the border of Germany shortly before the end of the war. “Thunderbolt” was never recovered, though the elite SS German Squadron known as the ‘Iron Horsemen’ possessed motorcycles and other vehicles equipped with suspiciously similar technology.

The Black Racer (Super-Questamundo Stats)
Rank: 6
Body: 7 Mind: 8
Spirit: 9
Skills: 7
Mechanical 10
Drive 15
Power: 12
Item: Thunderbolt
BodyPoints: 14
GoldStars: 11
-Armoured racing suit. Armour -5
-Pistol. Damage +4

Modified 1912 Harley Davidson Motorcycle
Speed: 10
Control: 2 (For Black Racer, 6 for anyone else)
Body Points: 10
-Armour -4
-Silent Mode
-Jet Boost/Jump (Speed 15, Control 10)
-Flame Cannon (Damage +4)
-Smoke Dispenser

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