Thursday, April 19, 2012

April A to Z: Sha'Nana

Exploring the World of Nood

Somewhere west beyond the Elvish Empire and the vast unmapped reaches of the Morning Wood lies a mythical land known as Sha’Nana. When the dark spectre of Yob Slobbersloth desecended on the city of Vanderdoom, the elves in their southern enclaves tried to warn of the coming doom by writing letters to the editor, calling all the morning radio shows and complaining endlessly to their kids.

When the influence of Yob Slobberloth began to spread, the elves saw no choice but to leave their sun washed enclaves and travel north in great caravans. They entered the Morning Wood, and disappeared. Five hundred years later, two hundred years after the Yob Slobbersloth was driven from Nood, they suddenly returned, though not as the one people when they left. Divided, they were now split into three tribes, the Silvery Elves that had returned, the Greyish Elves who remained deep in the Morning Wood, and the Elurid, the elves who had been left behind and were now pale and twisted from their underground existence.

What happened in that mythical realm beyond the Morning Wood? It is said to be land akin to paradise, of gentle rivers, flowing hills, under warm suns. So what prompted their return? The elves refuse to answer.

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