Thursday, May 30, 2013

Harry Harryhausen Monsters

Topless Robot did a nice piece comparing the late, great Harry Harryhausen-esque monsters to their dopplegangers in D&D. 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Doctor's Secret

The latest series finale of Doctor Who, "The Name of the Doctor" didn't have much in the way of a plot, or structure, nor did it make any sense whatsoever, but it did have John Hurt, one of my favorite actors showing up as 'The Doctor', or at least as A Doctor, one who did something 'not in the name of the Doctor'.

Now, we have to wait until November and the 50th Anniversary special to find out what that something is/was/will be, but I think I have an idea ....

The whole shebang!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Netsuke Art

Spoiler Alert

Finding out who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in the newest Star Trek movie was like finding out that the people on Lost were in purgatory. Really, this is the best you could come up with?

If it is just going to be a rerun with lens flair, I would rather watch this over and over again for two hours. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Joys of Discovery

One of the real joys of Geekdom is discovering those rare TV shows, movies and books that may have totally passed me in those barbaric days before the interwebs. Here are three that aren't new, but are new to me and that I heartily recommend.

TV SHOW: The Middle Man
A down on her luck artist stumbles onto a secret organisation dedicated to saving the world from aliens, evil scientist and occult monsters. You know, like Men in Black, but funny.

MOVIE: Cyber Ninja
Samurai and ninjas and space ships .... you need more of an explanation?

BOOK: The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold
Honor Harrington meets the Hitchhiker's Guide.