Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 4: Lord Damaclese

The first dragon your character slew (or other powerful monster)?

Lord Damaclese had once been a kindly King until he had been corrupted by an offer of immortality. The catch has been that he had to kill his daughter. Some deity or another had punished him for this by imprisoning him on his throne and tying a sword above his head with a thread of his dead daughter’s hair. And there he had sat for a 1,000 years. Cutting the hair with the daughter’s golden scissors was the only way to slay the evil lord.
Lord Damaclese never looked this good in my imagination ... but had I seen this pic back then, he would have!
While I wasn’t really aware of the term at the time, Lord Damaclese was a Lich. I was a big fan of He-Man so I based his look on Skeletor and threw in some elements from the Greek myths I was reading at the time. Like Skeletor, LD had an army of minions who went out and did his bidding, though beyond a sense that he wanted out of the chair, I didn’t really know what all that bidding was for. He just did a lot of evil stuff.

Finally, brave Darkberry was able to infiltrate Castle Damoclese, snuck past the dangers, stole the scissors and was able to snip the thread.

I fudged a lot of dice and the whole thing turned in to a total Monty Haul, but in my defense, I was only about 11 at the time. I had a lot of fun doing it, which is what counts.

Added Late: Holy Crap! I have't thought about this stuff in over twenty years. I forgot how much time and effort I put into this as a kid. I'm actually kinda bummed that most of the finer details seem lost to history. I do remember begging Mum for a lot of graph paper. I also drew heavily from pretty much anything I was looking at, at the time, so most of Lord Damaclese's henchmen were based on toylines that I'd seen in comics, catalogs or ads:
Pirates of Darkwater

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