Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13: Miniatures

First Miniatures you used for D&D?

I wanted too, I really did. Somewhere there is still a box of paints and figures buried away that I spend a few hours fumbling through every time my wife makes me clean out the closets.

The problem is that no one in my group seemed keen. My attempts on my own ended up with little pewter statues covered in blobs of paint. It wasn't until I hit my working years that I came close to actually learned anything. I was working nights at a computer softwear company with a guy named Gilmore. We were there to do after hours tech-support (installations mostly), but we spent most of the time playing Half-Life against the printing department.

Gilmore also a sideline, he painted Warhammer miniature armies for other people. He was quck, and he was awesome. Made terrain as well. On nights he had a project, there would an an assembly line running from the base layer drying in the loading dock, to the completed pieces ready to be spray-sealed in the lobby.

He taught me all about dry-brushing and layers and blending. Most of which I've completely forgot. I ended up with two pieces that I'm happy with. Two pieces.

One of these days, I'm going to get that box out and spend some proper time.  

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