Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Day 19: PC Hoppers and Jedi Rapists

First gamer who annoyed the hell of you?

watch your back!
The player I hate most is the guy who can't stick with a character. The one who spent six hours making his Thief, but gets distracted during play by reading the Paladin kit, then wants to bump off the Thief to make a Ranger. 

But the only gamer who ever actually scared me happened  one day at Fandom II, when a buddy and I were looking through the WEG D6 Star Wars stuff, our game of choice back in the day. We were interrupted by some guy who then spent the next fifteen minutes telling us about his Noghri Jedi (small, Jawa sized aliens who moved like ninjas and could take out Wookies. Now make that a Jedi) who would then anally violate everyone he killed. 

True story. 

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