Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 14: Love Bugs

Did you meet your significant other while playing D&D? Does he or she still play? (Orjust post a randomly generated monster in protest of Valentine's Day?

-My old gaming group had a number of girls/women in the group of the years. Most have come and gone, but two are core members. Surprisingly, the only ‘significant other’ who ever participated was one of my high school girlfriends. She didn’t play D&D, but she did participate in a RIFTS campaign for a while and actually enjoyed it. My wife doesn’t seem to quite grasp the concept, but has at least offered to try.

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I present the,

This large, biting insect is found in most woodland areas and is notable for its surprisingly human face, and its piecing cry that sounds a lot like the common word for ‘SUFFER!’

They are attracted to the smell of humanoid sweat and other waste products, and seem to possess a perverse pleasure in attacking people who are in various states of undress. This had lead to many painful bites in some very private areas. Guides and rangers who know that Love Bugs are in the area will warn travelers to wrap a blanket around themselves should the need arises to squat against a tree.

Witches, rhapsodists, nymphomancers, and panderers often set traps for the bugs, using the venom of their bites for any number of naughty potions, lotions and oils.

The insect’s bite injects a small amount of venom that is extremely painful, but otherwise harmless once it wears off. However, in some instances, it can produce a severe allergic reaction that will permanently alter a person’s hormone and pheromones.

Scholars have estimated that a person’s susceptibility to the Love Bug’s venom increases by a factor of 5% each time the person has been bitten.

The catch is that a person might not know that they have been affected until months, even years after the first bite. The person’s altered hormones or pheromones simply remain inert until they encounter something they have been altered to affect.

The only consolatory fact is that once a person has been infected, they cannot be infected again. 

If a Hero becomes infected, roll D20, for the result.
 1             Hero falls in love with the first (humanoid) person they see (any sex).
2              Hero falls in love with the first (humanoid) person of the opposite sex they see.
3              Hero falls in love with the first (humanoid) person of the same sex they see.
4              First person (any sex) who sees the Hero falls desperately in love with them.
5              First person of the opposite sex who sees the Hero falls desperately in love with them.
6              First person of the same sex who sees the Hero falls desperately in love with them.
7              Hero falls in love with the first humanoid (any sex) of a different species (elf, dwarf, Venusian) they see.
8              First humanoid of a different species (any sex) that sees the Hero falls desperately in love with them.
9             Pheromones attract wandering monsters at twice the normal rate
10           Pheromones attract amorous monsters at twice the normal rate.
11           Fairies will now look upon you favourably, flocking when the Hero is around and willing to grant small requests.
12           Fairies hate you and will constantly prank, torment, tease and ridicule the Hero when they are around.
13           The next large monster the Hero encounters may (50% chance) will become a loyal follower. It will fight at the Hero’s side, act as a mount( if physiologically possible) and will learn to obey simple commands. However, if the monster sees the Hero as its bonded mate and will brutally attack anyone it sees as a rival.
14           The Hero’s virginity has been restored!
15           The Hero’s perfect match (regardless of gender, species or age) will suddenly glow (visible to the Hero only).
16           The Hero suddenly develops an affinity with all animals (not monsters); gaining bonuses to riding and animal handling skills.
17           Animals will now distrust the Hero. Gain penalties to all riding and handling skills. Familiar’s will flee!
18           Suddenly the Hero is a lot more likeable. Double Charisma score (or equivalent) and all applicable skills (Charm, Seduce etc).
19           The Hero is suddenly a lot less likeable. Halve Charisma (or equivalent) and all applicable skills.
20           The Hero is now incapable of true love, ever.

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