Friday, February 21, 2014

Day 21: Is a Metric Shit-Ton a Scientifically Actual Measurement? It Should Be.

First time you ever sold some of your gaming books?

I didn’t even consider selling my gaming stuff until I seven years ago when I was faced with a move half-way across the country. It would have been very expensive to ship them, and I didn’t know if I’d find a gaming group out here.

So I gave away most of my stuff to a few friends and the people in my gaming group. Then I dumped a metric shit-ton of RIFTS sourcebooks off at the second hand shop.  
Later on I even sold most of my dice to a woman who sent them to her son’s platoon in Afghanistan, which I thought that was kind of awesome.

The funny thing is that while D&D was never our main game, I did keep all my D&D books. 

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