Saturday, February 15, 2014

Day 15: D&D4 sucked, but at least it was better than the movie!

What was the first edition of D&D that you didn't enjoy?
This probably did more damage than D&D 4e
I hate to dump on the 4th edition, especially when I've never actually played it. I did give it a read and concluded that it wasn't my thing, it felt like they were trying too hard to emulate video game style play .. and I'll stop there because my rant on that could last a few pages.

It was the USELESSNESS of it that really got to me. After the success of the 3rd edition and the popularity of the Open Licence, the huge revamp they did with 4 felt like a naked cash grab.

Hopefully D&DNext can plug the sucking chest wound that D&D4 put into the Arneson/Gygax legacy, but I can't help but feel that I've gotten too old to be learning a whole new system every few years.

As the base group of tabletop players, the ones who started in the seventies and eighties, are now firmly ensconced in middle age, they can see that it is all just Hasbro blowing smoke up our asses, demanding that we shell out cash for YET ANOTHER NEW EDITION (plus all supplemental material) every few years. Its a deeply flawed model and its the main reason why the OSR was born.  

[D&D Day 14 was completed, but got lost in the general melee of V Day. I will post it later today.]

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