Friday, June 27, 2014

The Autospermxtracotron

In an ancient and lost facility, abandoned for a thousand years the party suddenly comes across this strange device.....
Link for Explanation
Would they dare? There is always that one in the group that would dare...
If they do, roll D12 for the Result
1     Nest - The machine is long dead and now a home to a nest of Carrion Spiders. Roll for damage!
2     Stuck! - the apparatus is long dead, dried out and is faulty. Character is now stuck until help arrives with lubricant. Roll for Random encounter.
3     Demonseed! After the character makes his 'deposit' the machine grows a half man, half machine doppelganger that will be birthed within 1d4 weeks.
4     Love - Over the millennium, the machine has gained a kind of sentience and is now hopelessly in love with the character. It will follow him doggedly until destroyed. 
5     Vengeance - Over the millennium, the machine has gained a kind of sentience and feels violated by the character's actions. It will have its vengeance, or be destroyed in the process. 
6     The deposit activates a portal to the Dimension of Lust. Players choice if character goes through, but if he does, the character is gone forever short of a Wish spell. 
7     The deposit sucks the character into the Plane of a Boarded Up Van Down By the River. Returns in 1d4 weeks with severe psychological damage. 
8     The machine is the beloved toy of a Rock Troll. The character's use has driven the monster to raging jealousy and it will track him down and try to kill the character. Also, character has 1 in 4 chance of contracting Troll Herpes.
9       Healing Touch. The character regains all lost hit points, is cured of all disease and/or curses.   
10     A way with the ladies! The character learns a thing or two from the experience. Added bonuses when dealing with gender of greatest attraction. 
11    Its full of jade! The machine is full of jade, worth d100gold pieces
12    The machine itself is fully operational and powered by eldrich energies. To the right buyer, it would be worth thousands. 

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