Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dungeon Chicken

Dungeons are dangerous places for even the most fearsome of creatures. For a chicken to survive there, it must be a very powerful chicken indeed.

Delver's lore tells that if an adventurerer was ever lucky enough to find and kill such a chicken the rewards could be, invaluable.

What is inside the chicken? (D10)
1-3) Its just chicken.
4) Healing chicken (heal all lost health)
5) Illegal Drugs (worth 3,000gold or equivalent)
6) A gun (or small crossbow)
7) 1,000 gold coins or equivalent
8) a cell phone (some form of communication amulet)
9) Candy!
10) Absorb its power! 1D4 people eating the chicken gain +1 to the stat of their choice.

This is to celebrate the return of Orange is the New Black. 

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