Thursday, June 5, 2014

Barrel Nolt

Nolts are large goblin-folk known for their solitary nature and sour dispositions. They can be found living in enclosed, dark areas, such as shallow caves or abandoned structures. In civilized areas they are sometimes mistaken for homeless or drunken men. The main difference is that a Nolt will not abandon the derelict home or cave that it currently occupies because it will be guarding its precious barrel (or other container) of the powerful moonshine called ‘knip.’

Knip has been described as smelling like dead catoblepas doused in lamp-oil and then set on fire, and has been described as tasting like ‘troll’s toe sweat’. However, knip has picked up a number of fans who consider themselves connoisseur and judge the beverage based on its pungency, the consistency of its jammy chunks, and number of days lost after a typical ‘jigger’.

Scholars who study such things have noted that no one has ever seen a Nolt young, or even a female, which has lead some scholars to speculate that a certain percentage of these connoisseurs will one day have one jig too many and disappear from society. But then, somewhere close by, a newly formed Nolt will find a dark location to store its own barrel.

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