Tuesday, June 17, 2014


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This monster is one of the most feared in all of fairy lore. Once only a simple salamander, it was captured and subjected to terrible experinements on by the great magus, Pollen Buzzelbee. When the experiment failed, the the salamander escaped unnoticed by Buzzlebee who had already turned his warped and fertile mind to another shortlived project involving the domestication and breeding of owlbears. Tortured and lost, the salamander crawled into the great underground ocean known as the Forgotten Sea. There in the lightless depths, still drenched in strange energies, it grew. And it grew and it grew until one day it returned to wreck vengeance upon the race of those that had tortured and enslaved it.

Standing almost two feet tall, the Gnomezilla is completely impervious to fairy magic, has a near impenetrable hide, can shoot fire from its mouth hot enough to melt dragonscale.

However, there are those who claim that Gnomezilla is also a protector of sort, one that will destroy any threat that comes between it and its final goal to eliminate all of gnomekind. A cult of sorts has sprung up, a cult of clerics to claim to be able to call the monster whenever the realm of fairy is threatened in any way. Their claims, though extravagant, have yet to be tested.

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