Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pizzavore - the Pizza Box Monster

It can be difficult to get good pizza in the dungeon. Poppa Lich's continually rates at the top of most best-of lists, but it is almost impossible to get outside the Unpassable Peaks. Kobold-X-Press is easier to get, but it always tastes like stale rat on cardboard and they won't deliver any deeper than fifth level because it puts them in violation of its thirty-minutes or free policy.

Like all morpids, the pizzavore, otherwise known as the Pizza Box Monster, uses its psycho-sensitive shapechanging abilities to exploit this weakness in the dungeon ecosystem. The monster emits a strong, delicious scent that can attract adventurers from across the level.

The monster appears to be a regular extra-large pizza box, but when opened by a hungry hero the monster strikes! The good news is that if the monster is defeated, there are reports are that if properly baked, it does actually taste like pizza.

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