Monday, June 16, 2014

Terrible Cupcakes

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Another example of the psychic, shapechanging monsters known as morphids taking on forms that are sure to lure desperate and hungry delvers.

Terrible Cupcakes will lurk in forgotten rooms. When they sense that someone is near, they begin to emit the delicious scent of baked goods.

This unfortunate enough to follow the scent will discover a perfectly laid out tray of beautifully decorated cupcakes arrainged artfully on a sterling silver platter.

If somethin brushes up against the morphid, the entire platter errupts into a frenzy of acidic frosting, exploding sprinkles, delicious carnivourous cake and the terrible, terrible creamy filling.

If the delver is successful in destroying the cupcakes, the silver platter is worth 25gp.

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