Saturday, June 21, 2014

The Elder Codex of Puffykin Fluffstockings

500 year old proof that cats hate reading
Illomyster of Parth was a minor mage who eeked out a living copying scrolls and tomes. One day, while working on an elder codex, Illomyster's cat familiar Puffykins knocked over an inkwell of enchanted ink and then walked across the original book. This created a magical feedback of such catastrophic proportions that the resulting sixth dimensional exposions took out half the city. 

In true cat fashion, the only survivor was Puffykins.  

Puffykins went on to become a noted mage in his own right, though he forever scorned the use of scrolls, books and other writings. Some of his spells still survive however, either in their original forms or modified by later mages:
-Instant Opposible Thumbs        -Centre of Attention
-Buttface Doom                         -Look of Distain
-Greater Nap                             -Even Greater Nap
-Box of Sand                             -6th Dimensional Travel
-Midnight Howl                         -Instant Yarn
-Dangle Foe                              -Allowed on Counter
-"Transmorgrify this into Something I will Eat"

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