Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bard Spell: The Sax Solo

Once, in the not so distant past, saxophone solos were considered the most powerful of musical interludes, and were randomly inserted into almost every song. This lead to a saxaphone glut and the cataclysmic collapse now known as the Sax Sacking of ‘91.

However, every bard worth her strings knows that sax is still the king of cool and that a perfectly timed solo can calm even the most savage beast, allowing allies time to rest, ready spells and prepare before the final push. Any bard who knows this spell and is in possession of a killer sax, can play a solo for a number of rounds equal to their skill level (bonuses for being outlined against the sky, leather pants, alternatively shirtless/wet shirt, and/or at sunset), during which time allied players can perform any action except directly attack an opponent, and all opponents are stunned by the sheer quantity awesome sauce they are being forced to ingest. Attacking an opponent during the solo immediately breaks the spell.

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