Friday, June 20, 2014

Everything is Awesome!

I finally watched the LEGO Movie in its entirety and it is exactly everything I ever wanted in an adventure.

Not so much the standard "Special One Destined to Save the World with his merry band of companions" plotting, which is a plotline that I'd be fine with never ever seeing again thank you, and would have likely have caused me fits here had they not turned the trope nicely on its head. But what really caught my attention were the fluid world construction and its use of found objects.
The moves shifts settings from modern to western, to scif-fi, to flat-out-trippy, to superheros, to pirates and then plunges brick deep into cyberpunk, while making nods towards mecha-combat, fantasy (Middle Zealand may just be the #1 fantasy land name that I wish came up with, Kiwi outrage be damned) the supernatural, clowns, and even professional sports.

Along the way, in addition to all the things they build (which would be in line with the setting), but they also collect or encounter such items as the Kragle, the Sword of Exact Zero and the Cloak of Ban'Daeed (which I won't spoil if you haven't seen it). 
I'm not saying that I want all my games to genre-jump like a RIFTS campaign described by a six year old, but I would never want to discount the possibility that it could. 

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