Monday, November 24, 2014

The Movie Sucked, but the Monsters Were Cool

Just saw last year's Riddick movie. It was absolutely terrible. Like, really really terrible. And the whole 'Riddick cures lesbianism' thing? I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way. And the 'keep it warm for me' line at the end was so creepy it made me gag and pretty much guaranteed I'll never watch another Riddick film again. Which sucks because I really liked Pitch Black! I could write a lot more about how bad I thought the rest of the movie was, but in the end its really just my opinion. If you liked it, who am I to argue?
Love the Sackhoff! Hated this movie.
Still, the monsters of the riddickverse are interesting. Not the dingos-dongos. They were intensely generic and boring, but they might make a good visual or random encounter in a sci-fi game. Not in one of my games, but maybe in someone else's.  
Yep ... its just a dog. It was like they weren't even trying.
However, the bioraptors from the Pitch Black, and mud-demons from Riddick were actually pretty awesome. Both combined genuinely interesting, and alien (yet describable) characteristics.

Artist Link
Bioraptors / Night Raptors
Warrior Monster (Medium to Hit)
MSG: 5.3.3 (average size)
-Vulnerable to sunlight, does +5 Damage
Tail +4
Teeth +4
*All stats are for an average sized raptor. It can be found in larger and smaller versions. Smaller raptors swarm like locusts and can through their prey in seconds. 

Artist Link
Mud Demon
Warrior Monsters (Medium to Hit)
MSG: 5.3.4 (average size)
-Poison. If the mud demon makes a success hit and damage with its tale, make a Bod roll -2 or suffer a Grievous wound. For immature demons (1m long or less), the Bod roll is -4!
-At close range, gain two attacks per turn
-As their name implies, mud demons prefer to live in shallow water and/or marshy areas. They are never found far from water or deep mud.  
Stinger +3
Teeth +4
Kick/Claws +3
Skin -2
*All stats are for average sized demons. Both smaller and larger versions exist. As they grow, their poison becomes less toxic. 

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