Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Caverns of Questemundo: Part the Two

Game Notes:
I am running a variant of In Search of the Unknown. Once you get past the shockingly sparse dungeon, the empty rooms, the little to no treasure and the needlessly complex tunnels and tricks that are seemingly designed just to completely fuck mess with the poor jabroni who got stuck with the mapping this week, it actually runs pretty well for a first solo run. I've been revamping the map as I go so that it resembles something that an actual person might build. The monsters rarely make sense in an OSG like this,  but things like the Dire Cheese (instead of a goblin) and the Lunatic (instead of a berzerker) came from the room descriptions and setting rather than using the generic wandering monster that I rolled up.

-Secret Doors are found on a Medium roll, if Hero is looking. Hard if he is not.

-Roll for Wandering Monsters every second room. They appear on a 1-2 on a D6 roll.

So far I have been using General Checks (Easy, Medium and Hard) for things like finding Secret Doors, Disarming Traps etc, and using Saving Rolls (Roll equal to or under Bod) for things like resisting poisons and trying to open locked doors.

The other thing I am going to try is rolling two dice every combat turn. One for our hero and one for the Monster.
After his rest, young Thakko girdled his loins and set forth. He soon discovered the bedchambers of the Wizard Tadalafil; a glorious room covered in frescoes of nude, mustachioed men cavorting with centaurs and satyrs. He found little except a painful stinging needle guarding an empty drawer, and a seemingly useless illusion of a grand treasure.

He did find a number of books which he kept, having found little else so far.

Gnorc x2
MSG: 2.1.2
Short sword 2
Rusted armour 1
He soon found himself in a corridor lined with small suites, each ornately decorated, if fallen into decay. In a room befit for a lady, he found a mother of pearl comb and a pair of sturdy boots to replace the gong encrusted ones he wore.

After locating stairs heading to a lower level, our young barbarian stumbled across a nest of sleeping Gnorcs. He prevailed but received a Grievous wound for his efforts. With no means of healing his wound, he decided to take his meager loot and return to the village of Onderdonk to seek healing and fresh supplies.

12 Lucre.
4 books (rolled D6 to see how much each was worth for a total of 13Ł)
Comb worth 5Ł
Two short swords taken off the Gnorcs for 2Ł.
Total: 32Ł

It now occurs to me that I'll need to come up with an equipment list for purchases.No sense re-inventing the wheel, this website has a (bizarre) bazaar generator among some other goodies.

This one is good has some good stuff as well:

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