Tuesday, November 18, 2014


IMDB Machine Girl
This terrifying weapon was crafted by the mad wizardess Ptosiss of Ghazongahz.

Usually hidden under robes, the Drillbra is a particuarly gruesome and deadly short range weapon.

The stories tell that Ptoiss crafted the Drillbra to protect royal woman from unwanted attentions when their husbands (or life partners), were away crusading, adventuring, delving or golfing. It is thought that Ptosiss made only the weapon one that she wore throughout her life. When she died, it was confiscated by the Elven Empress and is now displayed in her Museum of Mutilations.

However, sailors from across the sea tell of an island known as Vulvaria where a race of warrior woman, whose champions wear individually crafted drillbra and continue to wage a constant war against the forces of the phallus.

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