Sunday, November 23, 2014

Random Generators

Half the fun of solo playing is building the world that the Hero inhabits. What was going to be a quick stop-over in a nearby town has gotten me thinking about the possibilities.

To start, I used the Bazaar generator from Chaotic Shiny, the town of Onderdonk has the shops and market stalls, and then the dojon generator to create the inn that Thakko would visit. This got me thinking about what was going on in the town; who the people were and what sorts of mischief Thakko might encounter while he was there. This lead me to start building a few random tables I can use here, and later on.
Random Generator Sites
Town Event Table
10% Chance of Event upon visiting any given town. On a success, roll D20
1              Royal Visit
2              Tourney
3              There has recently been a murder or violent crime
4              Town is being threatened by a group of bandits who have their hideout somewhere nearby
5              A prominent townsperson has recently disappeared
6              Invasion (Roll D6)
1                     Zombies/undead
2                     Aliens
3                     Another town
4                     Raiders
5                     Gnorks/Gnoblins
6                     A local, indigenous tribe
7              The town is under a mysterious curse
8              Fair or Holiday
9              Caught in the midst of a mob/guild war
10           Drought
11           Severe Storm
12           The townspeople are part of a cult that practises bizarre, sacrificial rites
13           The town is under the thrall of a mighty wizard
14           Townspeople are nervous and hostile to outsiders
15           Townspeople are weirdly friendly
16           Supernatural/Monster Threat (Roll D6)
1                     Vampire
2                     Werewolves
3                     Undead
4                     Giant Beast/Monster
5                     Giant Insects
6                     Pod people
17           Market Day. Double number of normal merchants
18           Local resource (crop, mine, fishery etc) has recently dried up under mysterious circumstances  
19-20     Roll twice and combine results
Drunkenness Table
Each time the Hero ingests an intoxicating substances, make a Bod roll (equal to or less than). If the roll fails (above the Bod stat) consult the chart below. For most substances there is no modifier for the first use (if so, it will be noted). However, for every subsequent use, add the modifier. This stacks, so a Hero drink their fourth ale (+1) would have a +3 penalty to their Bod roll.  
Effect Table (D10)
1              Sick – requires Healing or a potion to cure otherwise suffer penalties all day.
2              Violent Sick (miss one day Adventuring and loose another day’s gold to the innkeeper)
3              Talk too much. Someone in the bar overhears a secret
4              Get in a Fight
5              Arrested. Wake in the drunk tank. Loose half gold to bribe guard to let you out
6              Lose all your gold
7              Wake up…(Roll D6)
                1     On the tavern floor       2     In another town
                3     Outside of town            4         In the gutter
                5         In bed with an unattractive partner
                6     In bed with an attractive partner
8              Put on a show
9              Blackout completely. No memory of the night before
10            Roll twice and combine results

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