Thursday, November 20, 2014

DIE ALONE: The Scrolls of Ruledom II: Prepare for Battle!

DIE Alone Combat

In Combat, the Hero always goes first unless surprised or ambushed. A successful 'hit' requires an Easy roll unless the target is a Warrior or blocking, in which case it is Medium. If a Warrior is blocking, then it is Hard to strike.

A character that Blocks cannot Attack their next turn.

If the Hero was successful in striking their opponent, then roll for Damage.

Then its the the Opponent's turn. Rolls to see if they have struck the Hero. Roll Damage of required. That's it.

Ranged Combat
Ranged Combat is played out the same way, unless the range is 'Far' in which case the Difficulty goes up one level. If one character does not have a ranged weapon, then they really should try to hide behind something.

Multiple Opponents
For every opponent beyond the first, the Difficulty to hit them is increased by one. Once the Difficulty reaches Hard, all further opponents are Hard to strike.

Whenever Damage is inflicted, roll D6. The attacker's weapon add positive modifiers to the roll, while the defender's armour adds a negative modifier to the roll.
0  No Wound
1-3  Minor Wound
4-5 Serious Wound
6+ Grievous Wound

Minor Wounds are automatically healed after Combat is over. Serious Wounds require Healing or a short period of rest (a night's camp). Grievous Wounds require Healing magic or trained medical attention.

If in battle, a Hero with Minor 2 suffers two Minor Wounds, and then suffers a 3rd Minor Wound, then the damage automatically goes to a higher level (Serious). This applies to all MSG levels, so if the Hero already had suffered a number of Serious Wounds equal to their Serious MSG, then that Hero would not suffer a Grievous wound.

Taking equal to the number of Grievous Wounds means that the Hero is now OOF, and likely suffering serious injury. For minor characters and monsters this usually means death, but it is now up to you to determine if their is any way for the Hero to survive.

Whenever any Weapons and Armour are found during an adventure, roll D6.
1-2 = 1
3-4 = 2
5 = 3
6 = Reroll, result is *. If 6 is rolled again = 4.

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