Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Grey Riders

The otherworldly beings known only as 'Greys' are from a world with much less gravity than our own, and find prolonged walking or movement difficult. To compensate, some will choose a much stronger and larger humanoid to serve as a mount, a process that requires them cutting into the unfortunate's skull and implanting new cybernetic wiring. The victim's head is then encased in a control seat that allows the rider to sit comfortably, and control the mount's body as one might control exo-armour or a power walker. Those who have witnessed the process say that transformation appears to be intensely painful and is ultimately fatal to the mount as much of their head and grey matter is carved away in the process.

The rider has complete control of their mount, and can use it to walk, manipulate objects. They are quite common in grey hivecolonies. If forced to venture outside the colony the mount will usually be hidden under a long cloak and will be wearing at least light armour and armed with a thought-scrambler wand.

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