Monday, November 17, 2014

Inchworm Rider

An Inchworm Hero prepares for battle!
The Inchworm Rider is a clockwork steed once ridden only by the most decorated of Gnomish Heroes.

Through the ingenious use of springs, wheels and gears, the Rider is propelled and wound by a gentle rocking motion of the person in the saddle. Once the internal mechanisms is wound tightly enough, the inchworm will propel itself for miles, even up inclines or over rough terrain.

Stories tell of thousands of Riders, each individually crafted and outlandishly decorated in the typical Gnomish style. Unfortunately, many where destroyed in the Gnome war against the Gremlins, which pushed the Gnomes from their underground homes and the skills needed to craft a new Rider were lost. But a few were spared and are jealously guarded by the few remaining Gnomish Aristocratic families. Still, it is not unheard of to see one harnessed to a gnomish wagon or found buried in an ancient ruin. Worth a pretty penny too, if one can find the right sized buyer.

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