Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Caverns of Questemundo: A Day in Town

Oh sure, it looks peaceful now.
Thakko made it to the town of Onderdunk wounded, but satisfied at his first successful looting. With thirty two lucre in his pocket, he first sought out the local medical professionals.

Temple of Helminth
Patron god of adventurers and other fools.
Being healed by Friar Jabrony cost him three coins. He also decided to stock up on some of the many herbs, balms and other ointments for sale to those who venture deep into the Downlow Realms.
-Placebo Potion. Heals one Condition.
-3 Prescription Leeches. Each Heals one Wound level.

He the sought a place to lay his weary head

The Meat and Shield Inn
 A tavern run by Grunth the retired warrior. A simple bed and a warm meal cost him 2 lucre. He had an ale, but his adventures had taken their toil, and he soon found himself feeling ill, and it was another day before he felt up to venturing out into the town.
A lot of good adventures started here.

The Nine Foot Pole
A store that catered to looters, run by a gruff and one-armed man named Ruffus.There he purchased
-Thief Tool: Reduces any Trap roll by one Difficulty. One use only
-A sack of 6 Ironcakes. Difficult to eat, but even harder to digest. Can eat one per day. In a pinch, can also be burned as a firelog.
-A rusted iron bracers (Armour now -2).

All this left young Thakko with only one lucre left. This he decides to keep for luck and sets out on the next leg of his adventure. 
Game Notes: Equipment List
I realize that I now need a standard equipment list. Something I can pull from. Rather than spend a lot of time on this right now, I’ll add to it as I go.

-Placebo Potions (cures one Condition per dose) 3Ł
-Prescription Leech (Heal one Wound per leech). 2Ł

Thief Tool: Reduces any Trap roll by one Difficulty. One use only. 5Ł
Ironcakes. Eat one per day. 2 for 1Ł
Rusted Bracers 3Ł

Poor                      2Ł for a common bed or straw mat. 1Ł for stable or floor.
                                2Ł for a meal of hard cheese, harder bread and a dip of the communal pickled egg jar.
                                1Ł per mug of ale.
Average               4Ł for a straw, but clean bed in common room. 5Ł for a private room.
                                5Ł for a decent meal, includes one ale. +1Ł for a better meal.
                                2Ł for an ale, grog or wine.
High                       10Ł+ for a private room.
                                10Ł for a good meal and two drinks. +5Ł for a small feast
                                Booze ranges from 3Ł for ale, to pretty much anything requested.

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