Thursday, November 27, 2014

Midas Spiders

Why is this spider encased in gold?
I realized this afternoon that Gold Spiders are very boring and attempting to come up with a semi-plausible explination as to why a spider might be encased in gold was cheeseball at best. So it was tie to get a little more old-school.

Midas Spiders
Thought to have been created by some ancient, avarice witch, the venom of this extremely rare arachnid can transform those it bits into a statue of solid gold! Naturally, it is extemely sought after and even the rumour of a Midas Spider can send adventuerers flooding into the area seeking the prize of a lifetime.

Naturally, finding and keeping a Midas Spider is extremely difficult. They tend to live only in the deepest and darkest reaches of the underworld. They are extremely vicious and will attack almost anything that crosses their path as their venom has been known to bring down (and transmorgify) full grown landsharks, bearowls and even a behemoth.

If captured, the spider will thrash itself against its container until it escapes, or dies. Only a few are said to know the secrets of catching a Midas Spider, and they are most certainly not telling. Still, most adventurers who are successful in searching out this rarest of spiders can usually be content in carrying home a full golden statue of a team-mate or follower.

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