Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Book of Loot: Muppets in Space edition.

These items were created by the great halfling wizard Bunsen Honeydew

Door in a Jar
This one shot item is a small ceramic jar filled with a green slime. When thrown at a wall, the slime will poor down the wall and reveal a small door that resembles the entrance to a hobbit hole. The door opens into the next open space beyond the wall. The opening is quite small and is difficult for normal sized humans to pass through.

Rubber Duckie of Invisibility
This rubber duckie is filled with a clear liquid that sprays out when the duckie is squeezed. There is enough liquid inside to spray four people for about ten minutes. The liquid is water soluable and will come off in the rain.

Guard Mind Control Spray
This bottle of mind control spray will automatically convince any guards or security personelle to take the sprayer's side. It will affect ONLY guards and security, it will not affect police or military personelle, unless they are specifically acting as a guard.

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