Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaGaDeMo: Character Creation Part III: Tricks and Flops

So what exactly is a Trick or a Flop? The short answer is; they are whatever the player wants them to be. There is no list to choose from, players and Dealers have to come up with their own.

TricksTricks are any bonus that the character possesses. Just that bonus entails, is up to the player. They can be hard rule variations, such as extra cards or points, to in-character notes such as declaring that the character knows everything there is to know about Gnomeish Nose Flute music and will almost always know the answer should anything relating to Gnome Nose Flutes happen during the course of the adventure.

Tricks can be rule variations such as extra cards, bonus points, or wilder variations such as rolling 1d6 and gaining a bonus for a certain number. They can also be rare skills (as noted above), bonuses for using specific equipment or anything else that the player desires. The more powerful the Trick, the more points it will cost.

Flops are the opposite of Tricks, they are detriments, flaws and handicaps that the character has. The more powerful the Flop is, the more points it awards the player.

Players must submit all Tricks and Flaws to the Dealer for approval. The Dealer should not automatically veto any submission, but they may suggest changes. If the Dealer and the Player cannot reach a compromise, then the Player has the option of presenting the Trick or Flaw to the rest of the group. If the group then determines that the Trick or Flaw is acceptable as is, or with modification, then both the Dealer and Player must adhere to their decision.

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