Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Overcard Combat: Part II

Henson above, I hope this all makes sense. Haven't had a chance to playtest any of this...

Example Con’t. Round 2
The next round the Fireclown attacks and Jonny quickly folds because his card was only a 2. No Combat Points are lost by either side to be used next round, but Jonny takes damage as he is hit by the flaming rubber chicken (+3).

All weapons have a damage modifier ranging from +1 and up. All armour has a modifier ranging from -1 and down.

To determine damage, deal two cards. Take the numerical value of the cards, add in the Weapon and Armour values and consult the following chart.
2-15 Minor Injury. 1 Physical Point lost
16-24 Serious Injury 3 Physical Points lost.
25+ Grievous Injury. 5 Physical Points lost

If a character’s Physical points reach zero, they are considered physically incapacitated and in dire need of medical attention (for most NPCs and monsters it means death).

The Fireclown gets dealt two cards, a 4 and an 8. With the Fireclown’s flaming chicken doing +3 damage, this means a total of 15 points. Jonny takes a minor injury and looses 1 Physical Point.

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