Monday, November 28, 2011

Crisis of Faith

I am beginning to wonder if I should just dump all the homebrew stuff and write for RISUS or TWERPS, or WEG d6, or the Omnisystem, or Dinky Dungeons. Honestly, I find that RULES interest me less and less and I have to ask myself why clutter up the blogsphere with yet another homebrew system that no-one will ever play? If I want people to read ANYTHING I write why limit myself to a system that MIGHT be attempted by two or three people at most. Would it not be better to write for an already existing system or even rules-free adventures and let people fill their own stuff as needed?

Actually, skimming over the blog that seems to be exactly what I'm doing anyway. I think I may just be on to something here. This will require further thought....

In the meantime I will continue playing with Overcard for now since the playtest is already underway and it was a NagaDemon project anyway,

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