Monday, November 28, 2011

Discovering Dinky Dungeons

My love of Rules-Lite systems is well known. I honestly think that a simple mechanics allows for a much wider scope than having to come up with a different, often discordinent, rule to cover every different situation. Early editions of Talislanta with its one-chart/one dice system was an eye opening experience after years mired in the clunky mess that AD&D was turning into at the time. Heck, even WEG d6 Star Wars and Ghostbusters were a breeze compaired to the dice-pooling games like Shadowrun. Then there was TWERPS, Kobolds Ate My Baby, TOON!, RISUS and others which were just plain fun.

Which makes it rather odd that I hadn't run across Dinky Dungeons until recently. What is it about rules-lite systems that seems to lend itself to humour/parody games?

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