Monday, November 14, 2011

NaGaDeMon: Character Creation IV: Example

Jonny Saxon* (Extinction Event)
Jonny was a burnt out, former roadie working as a nighttime DJ on a vintage rock internet channel under the name of Jonny Midnight. When the Comet came, he was one of the few who remained at his job, hunkering down with some junk food liberated from the station’s snack-machine, a couple of bottles of Jack Daniels and few other illicit materials. He was content to wait for the end of the earth by playing through the entire Pink Floyd album catalogue. When the men in black burst through the door, he just figured that it was ‘The Man’ finally coming to shut him down.

Combat: 15 (Jonny does have some anger issues that he puts to decent use when riled).
Physical: 8
Mental: 9

Accouterments: 10
Jonny starts with an mp3 player filled with 10gigs of classic rock. A worn leather jacket, a black t-shirt with “FUCK OFF” written across the front, jeans, heavy boots, a baggie of mushrooms, and a crowbar (Damage +2) and pellet gun (+1), he had been keeping in the DJ booth to ward off looters.

Induced Precognition (8 points)
Whenever Jonny eats one of his mushrooms, he gains a prophetic vision that allows him to see the next 3 cards in the deck. The problem is that Jonny has a hard time remembering what he sees and the player is not allowed write down anything. Jonny also has a limited supply of mushrooms (starts with 8 doses). Taking the mushrooms also drops his Mental Stat by 5 for one hour.(Point cost: Precognition is fairly powerful affect so the Dealer assumes it will cost 10 points. However, because he must first take a psychotropic substance to induce the precog power and his mental capacity is limited, drops the cost to 8).

Rock and Roll Trivia (2 points)
Jonny knows all there is to know about rock and roll from 1960-1993. He is a passable musician on the guitar, but doesn’t play much anymore.

Flops: Anger Management (+2 points)
Jonny doesn’t suffer fools gladly and is prone to flying off the handle.

*yes, he is equal parts Dr. Johnny Fever and Tommy Saxondale.

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